Receive Funding

Our mission is to stop child abuse and neglect by funding and helping nonprofits scale programs designed to develop resilient families and to improve their economic and social outcomes.

We are committed to:

  • Funding initiatives that prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens
  • Funding initiatives that help families to become resilient by addressing the underlying issues preventing resiliency
  • Funding initiatives that help families succeed socially and economicall


We only make grants outside that align with our funding priorities. Generally, we invite proposals by directly contacting organizations. Occasionally, we award grants through published Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or letters of inquiry.

Please submit only the requested forms. We are not able to accept samples, prototypes, or other supplementary materials that accompany requests for funding, and these items will not be returned.

We do not make grants outside of our funding priorities.

In general, and except in specific circumstances as noted on certain grant applications, the foundation does make grants to individuals

The foundation makes grants to organizations directly rather than through individual fundraising activities; therefore, we are not able to fund your effort.

The foundation’s grant committee has the responsibility of reviewing all grant applications. Each grantseeker is provided a timeline for the review process.

Grantseekers will need to provide a concept memo that outlines the investment, a detailed proposal narrative, a detailed budget narrative, and a results framework identifying all metrics, and a tracker. Grantseekers encouraged to provide a concept memo to outline the requested investment.


DreamBee Foundation Grant Inquiry DreamBee Foundation’s mission is to eradicate child abuse and neglect, and our purpose is to find, fuel, and or create the most impactful and scalable solutions that ensure the safety and well-being of all children throughout the United States. We partner with nonprofits and for-profit entities to support resilient families, affordable childcare, a livable wage, and affordable housing; the primary deterrents of child abuse and neglect.