Our Story

During a Hospital Board meeting, a Forensic Pediatrician spoke about an infant who had suffered brain damage and other injuries as a result of abuse perpetrated by his parents.

The very notion that an innocent child would have to experience something so incredibly horrific was unfathomable for Charlene Keys Bowen. This story impacted her so deeply that she immediately began praying for guidance on what she could do to make a difference in the lives of innocent children who were victims of abuse and neglect.

She considered resetting her career and going to Law School, but upon the counsel of a few trusted mentors and friends, she opted out of that approach. Instead, she decided to leverage her experience, as a successful corporate executive, and focus on understanding how she might be a catalyst to help eradicate this devastation in the lives of innocent children.

On April 9, 2015, she founded DreamBee Foundation with the goal of eradicating child abuse and neglect. “This is a lofty goal, and it should be because the stakes, the lives of precious, innocent children, are so very high, says Keys-Bowen.

DreamBee Foundation and its partners is a grassroots movement of citizens who refuse to allow child abuse and neglect to rob our most precious and most vulnerable assets of their well-being and their potential. Through grant-making, advocacy, and thought leadership, we are architecting a different future for those who are and for those who would be at risk.​​