Pollinate the Dream Campus Initiative –  Virtual Pledge-A-Thon

  • A student led movement best defined as one generation working to transform the lives of future generations
  • PDCI’s mission is to raise awareness and money to support local nonprofits working to eradicate child abuse and neglect

You Can Make A Difference?

  • You are the key to ending violence against children. Your willingness to join the movement to change the lives of innocent children is vital to ending this devastating crisis
  • You don’t have to look far to see the need. It is in our surrounding communities, and

sadly, some of us may have experienced abuse and neglect in our own lives

  • According to the Child Welfare League of America, there were over 17,000 victims of abuse and neglect in South Carolina in 2017; of these 56.6% were neglected, 54% were

physically abused, and 4.9% were sexually abused

  • In 2020 the number of reported cases dropped to 14,263. This has more to do with the

fact that schools were closed and teachers (who are mandated reporters of abuse and neglect) could not see children in person and report their observations, and the fact children were confined to the home and had no one to tell of their trauma.

  • DreamBee Foundation has provided grants to organizations in South Carolina, who help mothers remove themselves and their children from abusive situations and to organizations who work with families to strengthen resiliency; two of the primary reasons child abuse and neglect occurs – domestic abuse and families that lack resiliency
  • Every dollar contributed makes a difference
  • The money raised during this Virtual Telethon will be awarded as grants to DreamBee Foundation’s Certified non-profits working to end violence against children.

• All donations made through the link https://dreambeefoundation.networkforgood.com/projects/155605-bc-pollinate-the- dream-pledge-a-thon are 100% tax deductible.