Awake to Eradicate

Imagine a world where parents are committed to their children’s safety and well-being, and where funds are available in support of PROVEN initiatives focused on eradicating child abuse.

Awake to Eradicate is our national challenge to engage supporters in the fight to eradicate child abuse and neglect.

Participants create a video of themselves cycling, boxing, golfing, gardening, swimming, the ice bucket challenge, cooking (grilling), jogging, teaching/instructing, reading, swimming, or relaxing with friends while 

Video Message:


I’m ______________________________, and I was nominated by ________________________ to AWAKE TO ERADICATE child abuse and neglect!

This challenge is critically important so I am happy to support the mission of DreamBee Foundation.

Now, every day,  I  join a host of other child advocates who AWAKE to ERADICATE because I believe that every child deserves to live free from all forms of abuse and neglect.

Join the movement!  I nominate:  _____________________________, ___________________________, and _______________________________, to AWAKE TO ERADICATE!